Podcast Resources: Episodes 2&3

Hey everyone! So here are the sources I used for my 2 podcast episodes on Fatphobia/BoPo/Fat Liberation. I highly recommend you take a look through them after listening to the episodes because there is a lot of information out there. If possible, definitely read the book by Sabrina Strings. It is an amazing breakdown of the origin of racial tensions and fatphobia in Western culture.

Episode 2:

Fearing the Black Body by Sabrina Strings

Fat Phobia Affects Everyone by Sabrina Strings (article regarding the content of the book referenced above)

6 Tools For Understanding and Dismantling Weight Stigma and Fatphobia by Gillian Brown

Episode 3:


Black Women Started The Body Positivity Movement, But White Women Corrupted It by Danielle Jennings

The Feminist History of Fat Liberation by Sarah Simon

Why I’m Trading Body Positivity for Fat Acceptance by Amee Severson

The Fat Acceptance Movement: Answers to 5 Important Questions by Ashley Laderer

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